Got a chance to paint at this year’s Street Art Meeting (Urban Art Clash) where top painters from around the world re-covered all the walls at YAAM.

MTO (photo credit link)

Dr. Drax

El Bocho

New York artist David Hochbaum moved into the Strychnin Gallery for a week to install his show Nephelococcygia. All about the process this artist gets stuck in while we wonder if he ever had a 1st nights sleep there. Extremely hard working, David presents a piece of his world for you to step into and walk around.

The flyer:

The Install:

David Hochbaum – Nephelococcygia from Ev Tiernan on Vimeo.

Another lovely busy week installing a new show – ALL (MY) STARS – Strychnin Gallery’s 10 Year Anniversary show.

Floor to ceiling inventory featuring:

David Hochbaum, Mandy Tsung, Pisa 73, Monika Viktoria, Naomi Nowak, Alaric Hammond, ABCNT, Colin Burns, Allen Douglas, Mimi S., Hsiao Ron Cheng, Miss Mindy, Miss Van, Archer Dougherty, Kristen Ferrell, Chris Dean, Dilka Bear, Liz McGrath, Nomi Chi, David Stoupakis, Marina Bychkova, Virginie Ropars, Sophie Bastien, Wee Flowers, Redd Walitzki, Chris Collins, CarolinaToscano, Daniel Van Nes, Raf Veulemans, Miraschi, Ocoze, Cliff Wallace, Skeleton Heart, Seymour, Bethany Marchman, Christian Rothenhagen, Christine Polis, Doktor A., Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, Fancois Escalmel, Luisa Catucci, Benjamin Vierling, Jon Jaylo, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Yosuke Ueno, Chet Zar, Seiko Kato, Lydia Dekker, Erica Rose Levine, Kris Kuksi, Sonya Fu, Brian Horton, Adam Oehlers, Yoko D’Holbachie, Scott Holloway, Monique Ligons, Greg Haberny, Elmer Presslee, Mark Ryden, Scott Radke, Bijoux, Katya Tal, BORIS+NATASCHA, David Thierree, Marcus Poston, Chris von Steiner, Nathalie Shau, Jason Limon, Marco Rea, Niark1, Chris Brett, Carisa Swenson, Richard Kirk, Hara Katziki, Nanami Cowdroy, Nick Sheehy, Sean Pierce, Ver Mar, Saturno Butto’, Annie Bertram, Heather Gargon, Jbak, Meredith Dittmar, Kathryn Carr, Eliza Bolli, Akiza, Virginia Mori, Leila Ataya, Robert Tirado, Nom Kinnear King, Forgotten Hearts, Chris Guarino, Citron Rouge, Kasey Tararuj, Maria Rubinke, Wolfgang Petrick, Lola, Scott Hove, Fernanda Veron, Squp, Ben Godi, Duma, Louis Fleischauer, ELLE, Sit, Reka One & many more…


Strychnin Galerie will be unveiling Marco Mazzoni’s and Saturno Butto’s latest series of works. A beautiful selection of studies, drawings and illustrations. Small in size, big in excecution.

Miss Van

Photos of opening night – HERE

This was a great buzz to be a part of this project where 10 artists came together for the day and covered large windows with their impressive artwork – RekaOne joined us too and painted the wall at the entrance door, making it 11 artists in total.

'PROJEKT M' 10/08/2013 from Strychnin Berlin on Vimeo.

Elle – Sage Vaughn – Jbak


Sit – BeerBLN – Mimi S. – Raemann – Luisa Catucci


I have moved to Berlin in the hope of finding work in the creative field (like so many other people here) and have started by interning at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, after meeting gallery director Yasha Young – and – in New York at Ron English’s bbq birthday at his house and studio in Beacon, summer 2011.

I arrived in Berlin Friday night and started work at the galley on the Monday, where we started the full-on week of installing (creatively choosing and coordinating what work and where/how we hang it) a show in the 3 rooms at the gallery in Friedrichshain. Here are some photos I took during the install up to opening night.

We built these crates to ship off work to a show in Amsterdam while installing Monster’s Lullaby

I'm figuring out which way I want to hang Chris Brett's work

Chris Brett

David Hochbaum

Opening night

Every year RHA hold the Annual Exhibition, and this year is the 183rd one.

I visit RHA and as many of the Visual Art Graduation Shows as I can each year at the art colleges in Dublin – This year I made it to NCAD, DIT and IADT.

Some of my favourites this year:

RHA 183rd Annual Exhibition 2013

From Everywhere and Nowhere (Seamus Heaney) by Colin Davidson

Little Holes Behind my Eye Lids by Eleanor McCaughey

Eamon Doyle

Connection Tunnel, Guinness Storehouse by Enda Cavanagh

Battersea Power Station by Cian McLoughlin

Skelligs Monks by Charles Harper RHA

Dublin Visual Art Grad Shows 2013:

Joe Scullion - NCAD

Vici Waterstone - NCAD

Nick Boon - NCAD

Shane Murphy - NCAD

Shane Murphy - NCAD

I love watching artist interview videos, and with access to artists, I thought it would be fun to make some myself. I’m interested in the working life of artists. How, where and when they work in studio or elsewhere and how they can make a life from their work. Here are my first attempts – very amateur I agree, but I’m working on it…

It was great to get the chance to show some old paintings of mine (made when living and painting in Denmark for 3 months), at the winter group show at Centre for Creative Practices in Dublin.

I’m a big fan of Joby Hickey photographs – here’s a photo of 3 of his prints at the winter show.

Dec 282012

Designed these babies on Nike ID site… want.

Happy Christmas! Hope you’ll all be swinging from the rafters too..