I had an artist residency in Vienna for the month of August 2014 – the quietest month of the year there.

Packed with a suitcase full of art materials and a backpack with a few personal belongings I arrive in Wien for a month long residency where I got to paint everyday and night. Here’s a few photos of the studio and work-in-progress….

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I was invited to my first Sketch Circle night in Berlin where you meet in a small Berlin bar every wednesday with other artists (mainly graf heads) and just sketch, listen to tunes and drink beer.

Here’s my first Sketch Circle sketch:

Boards without Borders is a great initiative that I came across when painting at the S.A.M graffiti jam at YAAM (see previous post here) where this non-profit group will sell the skate decks adorned with artworks to raise funds to build a skate park in India. (Mission statement below)

I joined forces with old skool legend graffiti artist Dejoe to make this black and white minimal line-work skateboard deck for the cause. To see both designs upright – my design is on the top right and Dejoe’s is bottom right.

Here is their mission statement:

“Boards without Borders” is a creative and social skateboarding and boardsports non-profit association. The association engages young people through sports, and offers cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment opportunities.

The students come from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. They develop skills in different styles of boardsports civic responsibility, multimedia, and creative arts. The students themselves decide what they want to learn; we connect them with a safe space and opportunities for them to develop the skills that they consider important.

In the end of 2013 our first skatepark will be built in Khajuraho which is located 650 km Southeast of New Delhi in India. We also working on a surf park in Berlin.

Three of us got together and painted our friend Richie’s van. Richie organises a lot of community art events for local kids in inner city Dublin. We painted this at Oliver Bond st flats with about 30 kids swarming around us who want a shot at it, response was good, so Richie plans on setting up a workshop for them. Something for them to do and a way for them to express some creative skills and hidden talent.


The Little Green Gallery is run by a group of art loving mates who also run the music and party throwing collective Emergence. The gallery end of things, run by Sinead, chose two artists to collaborate and come up with an idea to paint on the column-clad exterior wall on practically zero quid budget.

Polish artist Anna Mat and I met up and with a few basics, scraps of left-over paints, shitty old brushes, ends of spray paint cans and with half an idea we just get started and see what happens…

Few quick sketches..


Opening night of a group show I participated in. Guild of the Black Eagle 5 in New York City at the Fuse Gallery from June 6th – July 5th, 2012.

Exit City - oil on canvas - Evelyn Tiernan